Bringing Together Innovators, Leading Investors and Major ClimateTech Corporations

The ClimateTech Investing Forum 2022 is a cutting-edge event in direct response to the huge amount of interest and drive to fight the crisis from family offices, family foundations and the wider investment community. Recent years have seen significant amounts of private capital flowing into this area through direct investment both at the venture capital and private equity levels.


Focused on the technologies explicitly focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or addressing the impacts of global warming, the forum will showcase up to 40 of the latest investment opportunities throughout the sector, feature an unrivalled forum programme giving first-hand insight and opinion from senior-level ClimateTech investors and experts and provide dedicated pre-arranged One-To-One meetings between all attendees.


Each event sees up to 40 technology companies pitching investment opportunities to an audience of 150 delegates including family offices, private wealth holders, VC’s, corporations, angel investors and many more. Central to the event is a forum programme that will address some of the major challenges and opportunities across ClimateTech investment today.

Benefits of attending

  • Gain access to some of the world’s foremost and ambitious investors including family offices, VC’s, ClimateTech corporations, angels and more.
  • Gain access to up to 40 cutting-edge investment opportunities.
  • Concentrated programme featuring investment pitches, investor insight and networking.
  • Pre-event promotion of all presenting companies to our audience of investors.
  • Networking between companies and investors who meet each other’s criteria.
  • Arrange 1-2-1 meetings between investors and companies who want to learn more.


The CTI event delivers the best ratio of investors to presenting companies, giving all attendees the maximum opportunity to meet, network and learn from the best in the business ensuring you meet the right investors and the right investment opportunities.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to meet with some of the most proactive entrepreneurs and investors in ClimateTech, learn how to fine-tune your strategy and ultimately maximise the potential for return from the sector.


​ The CTI forum programmes address the biggest topics in the industry today, from investment topics such as “Where is the money coming from?” and “What do family offices look for and how do they invest?” to wider challenges such as “What are the drivers of ClimateTech innovation?” and “How do you plan and execute a successful exit”.


Our speaking faculties represent the truly global nature of the ClimateTech sector with panellists drawn from leading investment organisations from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.






Registration, Refreshments and Networking
08:30  to  09:10
Welcome from the Canton de Vaud
09:10  to  09:20
Luc Piguet
09:20  to  09:30
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:30  to  09:45

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and recent years have seen a huge amount of interest and drive to fight the crisis, from society at large, major corporations, SME’s and the wider investment community. Pressures on the sector, from politics to economics, mean that competition is rife for investment capital and market share, so what does 2022 into 2023 hold for the ClimateTech sector?

Jochen Wermuth. Founding Partner & CIO. Wermuth Family Office.
ClimateTech Investment Strategies for 2022 – Where is the funding coming from?
09:45  to  10:30

Following rapid growth between 2013 and 2018, ClimateTech investment plateaued through 2018-2020, tempered by macroeconomic trends and the pandemic. Investment rebounded sharply in the first half of 2021, driven, by a heightened focus on ESG in private markets, emerging regulations and standards, and a commitment to net zero strategies. So who are the investors driving the sector forward?

Daniel Favrat. Professor Emeritus. EPFL.
Raphael Mukomilow. Partner. Picus Capital.
Audrey Selian. Director. Rianta Capital.
Stefan Schurig. Managing Director. Toni Piech Foundation.
Fireside Chat with a Leading Business Builder
10:30  to  11:00

This is an opportunity to hear directly from a successful entrepreneur and investor who has developed a portfolio in ClimateTech. From setbacks and successes to where they see their next investment of development coming from, this session will provide an inspiration for all those in the room involved in highly innovative areas.

Daniel Favrat. Professor Emeritus. EPFL.
Jay Yu. Founder, Chairman, President. Nano Nuclear Energy.
James Walker. CEO, Board Member. Nano Nuclear Energy.
Morning Coffee and Networking Opportunity
11:00  to  11:30
ClimateTech Companies Pitch Their Investment Opportunities
11:30  to  12:20

ClimateTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation Rooms:

Room 1: Energy Transitions

Room 2: New Horizons

This is an opportunity to hear directly from successful entrepreneurs and investors who have developed a portfolio in ClimateTech. From setbacks and successes to where they see their next investment of development coming from, this session will provide an inspiration for all those in the room involved in highly innovative areas.

Energy Transitions

Energy Transitions
Nano Nuclear Energy
11:30  to  11:40

In collaboration with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) as part of the National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC) Resource Team program, NANO Nuclear is currently in technical development of its proprietary portable and on-demand capable advanced nuclear micro reactor or micro-Small Modular Reactor (µSMR), “ZEUS”. The “ZEUS” design will be modular and enable it to connect with local power grids or power systems, revolutionizing how remote communities, recovery from natural disasters, mining project, and military bases, among others, obtain consistent electricity.

Jay Yu. Founder, Chairman, President. Nano Nuclear Energy.

New Horizons

New Horizons
ZESST by Almatech
11:30  to  11:40

ZESST – for Zero Emission Speed Shuttle - vision is to contribute to mobility decarbonation by providing a green maritime alternative to road transport. ZESST mission is to provide the world’s most compelling zero emission ships. ZESST are hydrofoil vessels powered by green energy that are fast, comfortable, silent and wave free. Our product line starts with the ZESST Precursor, a 7 persons hydrofoil ship for leisure and water taxi that is a stepping stone toward a 100 passenger ship for public transport.

Energy Transitions

Energy Transitions
11:40  to  11:50

CAUSIS' unique ability to deliver a complete mass transit network with net zero emissions, connected by an AI powered smart technology network will transform public transport as we know it. It is clear that CAUSIS has been listening to what the world needs right now, and we’re excited to see how governmental ministers and private transport network providers respond to this revolutionary transport solution provider.

Ram Tumulri. Founder. Causis Group.

New Horizons

New Horizons
Hydro Nation Chair
11:40  to  11:50

Our technology programme is transformational providing a curated deal flow of selected and coached tech start-ups clearly aligned to market Net Zero challenges.

We are the one stop shop for commercial success in the Scottish and UK Water sector. Those that are selected to participate in our programme are coached and supported to build a clear line of sight to field trial and commercial success. We reduce the risk of failure through our bespoke programming and complete support offering including deep and broad market access, specialist facilities and flexible funding opportunities.

We aim to become the center of gravity for water innovation and technology, offering access to a community of exciting, transformational tech businesses supporting and leading Scotland’s efforts in delivering Net Zero before anyone else.

Energy Transitions

Energy Transitions
11:50  to  12:00

INERGIO intend to replace diesel generators by a ‘’fuel flexible’’ fuel cell technology. The main goal is to allow the consumer to first benefit from commercial fuels such as LPG (camping gas) or bio-gas, or natural gas to i) Not bother with challenges of Hydrogen (production, storage, distribution, safety, etc), ii) benefit from liquid fuel with an energy density of 60x more than Li-Batteries, iii) to be able to switch to Hydrogen once it will be widely and commercially available without any technology adaptation

New Horizons

New Horizons
11:50  to  12:00

Hexem’s wastewater treatment system will be rented out to industrial wastewater producers. It is currently developed to reach TRL 6. The TRL 5 prototype treated 2-5 m³/day of cheese whey while producing up to 80% pure biogas. The prototype already surpassed the literature value of a 20-fold size reduction compared with current technology. It still has to reach its full capacity. In the next step, the pilots will treat 20-50 m³/day. Two different locations in Switzerland, one in the Netherlands, one in Germany and one in the UK are currently in early stage planning (Letters of Interest are available). The funding requested will be used to build the five pilots treating industrial wastewater and to launch a commercial product that can be rented out.

Energy Transitions

Energy Transitions
EH Group
12:00  to  12:10

We have been deploying our fuel cell solutions since early 2020 on a wide range of mobile and stationary applications.  We are currently developing fuel cell systems of greater than 200kW for large power applications such as in mining, marine and large back-up power.  In addition, we are collaborating with high end automotive players and major aerospace companies.  We have raised nearly 10M CHF thus far, and are currently in our Series A as we scale up our production capacity to meet the growing needs of our clients.

New Horizons

New Horizons
12:00  to  12:10

Leather is a beautiful, durable, natural material, up-cycled waste from the meat industry. Consumers and brands increasingly demand high quality leather with Net Zero and better water efficiency.

Qualus dramatically improves the environmental and financial performance of leather manufacturing. Its SferesTM patented retrofit technology replaces water used in the production process with inert, reusable polymer beads. The efficient retrofit system eliminates c.40% of the process water, 15-25% of chemicals, and significantly reduces cycle time, effluent, energy usage and embedded carbon.

Energy Transitions

Energy Transitions
Pelican Energy Partners
12:10  to  12:20

Pelican Energy Partners (“PEP”) is a private equity fund based in Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world. PEP has a ten-year track record of investing in small to mid-size companies that provide highly technical products or services to the energy sector. Our core competency is sourcing proprietary deals, working directly with owners and entrepreneurs as the first institutional capital in the companies in which we invest. We have developed a proven methodology to drive professionalization of the business to achieve growth well beyond what the founders had attained.  We do control deals and have a deal team consisting of highly experienced executives with C-level management experience that creates a strong foundation for our investing approach and methodology. 

New Horizons

New Horizons
12:10  to  12:20

Plastogaz SA develops technologies for the transformation of unrecyclable plastic waste into value-added products using catalysis. Specifically, our hydrocracking technology converts polyolefin waste into their precursors which can be used to manufacture virgin grade products.

Breaking-Down ClimateTech – Where is the money required to have the biggest impact?
12:30  to  13:10

ClimateTech is not just one thing that needs to be changed, and whilst each and every ClimateTech sector has seen increased investment, they have not benefited equally nor in proportion to their potential beneficial climate impacts. How for example are the worst offending industries e.g. heavy industry, power and energy and heavy duty transportation evolving, are they receiving the backing they need?

  • Is capital being put off by unpredictable timelines for product development and as yet unproven tech?
  • What is the roadmap for success in ClimateTech and is there cross-over between sub-sectors?
  • At what stage is the funding gap in ClimateTech and is all the best tech able to properly scale?
  • Are investors really focused on the big long-term problem or affecting incremental improvements for short-term gain?
Dirk Meuleman. CEO. Phenix Capital.
Amali de Alwis. CEO , Venture Partner. Subak & Sana Capital.
Peter van Gelderen. Managing Partner. Icos Capital.
Ram Tumulri. Founder. Causis Group.
Richard Barker. Advisor. Counteract.
Lunch and Networking Opportunity
13:10  to  14:10
ClimateTech Companies Pitch Their Investment Opportunities
14:10  to  14:50

ClimateTech companies presenting innovative technology and investment opportunities. Each company will present for 10 minutes, in ONE of TWO Presentation Rooms:

Room 1: Solar

Room 2: Circularity


Maana Electric
14:20  to  14:30

Maana Electric has developed a revolutionary system, the TerraBox, to turn raw sand (desert sand or mining/construction waste streams) into solar panels directly on-site. The solution offers a much lower price per watt compared to conventional silicon solar panels, a local production, reducing supply chains, associated emissions, and enabling the local economy, a vast reduction of CO2 emissions and chemicals usage in the production process. Overall, the production processes guarantee the greenest solar panels on Earth!

KPI’s: 12 different technologies with several patentable | 5 pilot projects for 2023 | TRL: 6 | TAM: €568 Bn in 2030 and €1,700 Bn in 2050 | CAGR 10% | Next Step: Industrialization


14:20  to  14:30

SAMAWATT has developed OptimalAsset™, a plug-and-play automated trading software-as-a-service solution that monitors simultaneously the fluctuation in the renewable farm production and the dynamics of the wholesale electricity market supply, demand, and prices. OptimalAsset™ implements a novel kind of machine learning models to optimize the electricity future sales commitments in order to manage in advance the unexpected supply to the grid due to production intermittence.

SAMAWATT democratises access to the wholesale electricity market for more than 6500 small- and medium-sized farms in Europe alone. It is uniquely placed as the first fully-fledged end-to-end integrated platform that meets all the requirements for renewable energy trading: production forecasts, dispatch optimisation, price risk management, profitable trading strategies, automated algorithmic market execution and real-time financial reporting.


14:30  to  14:40

Voltiris’ solution is crop-compatible solar modules, based on spectral filtering. The modules let through the light components needed by the crops for photosynthesis, while the rest is reflected and focused onto photovoltaic cells to generate electricity. This results in the production of renewable energy without impacting the agricultural yield of the crops below the modules, as 100% of the light required by the plants for their growth is transmitted to them.

Modules are installed inside the greenhouses, above crops and protected by the roof. An advantage resulting from this is that the solution can be deployed quickly as no permits are required.


SageTech Medical
14:30  to  14:40

The business model falls into three areas:

SageTech has developed a medical device to capture the waste gas on a sustainably sourced carbon media contained in reusable canisters.

Once full the canisters are collected and taken to a local hub to be emptied. Empty canisters are provided to the hospital.

The waste is collected in large bulk vessels and taken to a central purification facility to be processed. The purified anaesthetic can then be sold to a pharmaceutical company to bottle and sell back to hospitals or SageTech has the option to bottle its own product for re-sale.

Hence there are 3 revenue streams:

  1. Sale of capture device capital equipment
  2. Waste collection service, cycling full and empty canisters to the hospital
  3. Sale of purified, recycled anaesthetic gas

A similar business model will be used to serve the veterinary market.


14:40  to  14:50

Solaxess exploits 7 CSEM patents to develop and manufacture innovative colored foils, increasing social acceptance of PV energy on buildings (BIPV), small infrastructures (e.g. bus stops, car parking), vehicles, boats or any other iPV application. Each color is specially developed to ensure the best visual/performance tradeoff and is thoroughly tested to ensure long-term reliability. The technology is designed to be the easiest to implement during PV panel manufacturing, with the potential to be extremely cost-competitive at large-scale.

PV modules become full-building elements that are cost effective, durable and aesthetically-pleasing to replace conventional passive surfaces. These respect both the architectural environment and building traditions, while contributing to the well-being of city residents by reducing the urban heat island effects, a major future problem in urban areas.


14:40  to  14:50

Stamp Free is made up of three core products.

  1. Easycode: offers a no-hassle, end-to-end label free returns journey for carriers and customers. Cost-saving and secure for retailers. Easy and contact-free for their customers. No need to write an address. Access an Easycode on your smartphone, write it on the return, then post or drop off as usual.
  2. Digicode: customers simply access a Digicode using our app/integrated carrier app, write it on the parcel/letter (just like a handwritten barcode) and post as usual. Our solution is stand-alone or can be embedded in the carrier’s app. World-leading AI handwriting recognition technology scans and validates each item for security and end to end tracking.
  3. Digitrack: this app is for carriers to manage, sort and track Easycode and Digicode sent items. It offers speed, accuracy & easy handling of hand-written barcodes for carriers throughout their network. From A to B completely label free.
Going Global – Opening Up a World of Opportunity
15:00  to  15:30

Accessing global investment can offer venture and growth-stage ClimateTech companies considerable opportunities to successfully grow, especially in the current climate. But with challenges for smaller companies expanding beyond their native regions, from fragmented regulatory markets to scaling complexity, what should founders and investors consider when looking globally?

  • Foreign capital pools: opportunities and risks
  • Do you relocate for proximity to investors, split over 2 locations or stay put?
  • When in the life cycle is the right time for international expansion?
  • Expanding beyond the local environment: R&D, regulatory considerations; geographical and cultural requirements
Jochen Wermuth. Founding Partner & CIO. Wermuth Family Office.
Anirudh Damani. Director. Artha India Ventures.
Thermodynamics: The Hot Topic
15:30  to  15:45
Daniel Favrat. Professor Emeritus. EPFL.
Afternoon Coffee and Networking Opportunity
15:45  to  16:10
One-To-One Meetings:
16:10  to  17:40

Special pre-scheduled individual One-To-One meetings will be taking place in our dedicated meeting area. This session will consist of 4 x 20min One-To-One meetings.


Networking Drinks Reception
17:40  to  19:00

This will be an informal reception allowing you to network with all attendees, building and expanding valuable networks.


Our core speakers are active and ambitious investors, actively looking to drive environmental benefits alongside financial returns. Offering insight into their investment strategies and the evolution of the sustainable investment market.

This year's event will be Chaired by Jochen Wermuth who will be leading the 2-days of discussion and sharing their own expert insight into the sector.

If you are interested in involvement contact:

James Ross-Clark

Head of Events EMEA

+44(0) 2071930664


Over previous ClimateTech, CleanTech and Environmental-focused events we have showcased over 500 venture-stage and growth-stage ClimateTech and CleanTech companies to our unrivalled audience of investors. Representing all areas of the sector our presenting companies originate from over 30 countries and are at a range of different stages from prototype to commercialised product.

For more information on how you can participate please email antonpaul@campdenwealth.com

A selection of the previously confirmed presenting companies at Campden Wealth events include:



Why attend as a delegate?

·         Be the first to uncover the latest investment opportunities from our unrivalled range of Presenting Companies

·         Meet over 40 investment opportunities over the duration of just 2 days

·         Network with the leading investors and world-leading ClimateTech corporations

·         Learn how to adapt your investment strategy for today’s global landscape

·         Take away the tools to help your portfolio companies develop and grow to their full potential


Who are the delegates?

The CTI forum will bring over 150 delegates together who are working at the cutting edge of ClimateTech investment and partnering. Our investors represent some of the most pro-active and ambitious individuals from family offices, private wealth holders, VC’s, corporate VC’s, institutional investors, angels and managed funds to name but a few.


In order to ensure the best possible mix of investors and venture/growth-stage companies, admission to all CTI events is strictly controlled and open to all qualifying companies and individuals. The organisers reserve the right to restrict admittance and delegate places.


How to register

Special packages and early booking price are now available, for information please contact:

James Ross-Clark


+44 (0)2071930664


Sponsors of the CTI event represent leading companies and organisations providing services to early to mid-stage ClimateTech companies, investors and major corporations.

Canton of Vaud is one of the main centres of research and innovation in Switzerland, with the largest academic and technology campus in the country and several research institutes as well as industries of international reputation, particularly in life sciences, micro-nanotechnologies, ICT and cleantech.

In a few words :

· A quarter of the Top100 Swiss startups are based in Vaud as well as about 2,000 high-tech companies confirming the region as key-ecosystem for Switzerland’s innovation scene.

· Among the many promising startups based in Vaud, 50 are considered as scaleups and are part of the Scale-Up Vaud initiative.

· There are 7 incubators and innovation parks suitable to develop your ideas and business, pooling local infrastructure and technical skills and hosting already roughly 600 high-tech companies and 6,500 jobs.

The State of Vaud and its Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) supports companies that are exclusively based in Vaud, especially those involved in the sectors of advanced technology and industry. SPEI advises entrepreneurs and puts them in contact with organisations that are appropriate to their specific needs. SPEI also provides direct financial support and has distributed CHF 50 mio to startups/SMEs established in the region over the last 10 years. Last year, about CHF 6 mio were given to about 250 companies for more than 600 projects.

The SPEI also supports about 50 events and programmes to offer networking and pitching opportunities to its companies. Through its support to the ClimateTech Investing Forum 2022, SPEI aims to showcase our region to all the international guests for what it really is: a direct connection with world-class academic and research institutes, a dense network of internationally oriented SMEs and innovative startups, and a vibrant location offering favorable conditions to expand your business.

For more information, please contact:

State of Vaud – Departement of Economy, Innovation, Employment and Heritage

Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI)

Rue Caroline 11

CH – 1014 Lausanne

+41 21 316 58 20

info.spei@vd.ch www.invest-vaud.swiss


The Path to Zero starts here. Nano Nuclear Energy Inc. is a company emerging from the shared micro-Small Modular Reactor (mSMR) and Advanced Nuclear Reactor (ANR) ambitions of a world class nuclear technical team filled with the most influential and foremost nuclear experts in the field, working alongside business and industry professionals, possessing strong relationships with both government, and the private and public nuclear industries. Our Company is committed to building smaller, cheaper, and safer nuclear energy, while incorporating the latest technology into its own proprietary portable, on-demand capable, “ZEUS” NANO Nuclear’s first generation nuclear reactor, novel reactor designs, intellectual properties, and research methods.

NANO Nuclear Energy is looking to enter the micro SMR market by focusing on designing our own nano nuclear reactors which could be deployed to remote locations to provide energy to residential, commercial, major mining, industrial, shipping, oil and gas, military, medical use, and construction projects. Additionally, the Company looks to expand globally, especially in emerging growth countries that lack energy grid infrastructure.



The know-how and expertise within the CleantechAlps network make it the gateway to clean technology in western Switzerland. Whether you are a research organisation, an SME or a start-up, the CleantechAlps cluster gives you visibility, support and networking opportunities.
Becoming a member of CleantechAlps helps you to:

  • Develop your business
  • Gain international visibility
  • Access specific industrial networks


Our aim is to promote western Switzerland as a European centre of excellence for clean technologies in order to encourage the development of its companies and research organisations. To achieve this, CleantechAlps is:

  • The main point of contact in western Switzerland
  • The force driving intercantonal activity to develop the cleantech sector
  • The coordinator for cleantech matters among SMEs, organisations, professional bodies and the cantons

History of the project
As part of their strategy to promote different industrial sectors, the conference of ministers of economic affairs of western Switzerland (CDEP-SO) decided to launch the 4th subject platform on cleantech. This same initiative has already resulted in the formation of three clusters, BioAlps for life sciences, AlpICT for information and communication technology and Micronarc for micro- and nanotechnology. With the creation of CleantechAlps, the region is extending this successful development strategy to the cleantech sector.

CleantechAlps is supported by ARI-SO and the cantons, and is jointly chaired by the cantons of Valais and Fribourg. The operational secretariat is at the company CimArk at Sion (Valais).

CAUSIS - Driven by Cause to deliver net zero emission mass transit solutions

CAUSIS is a UK-incorporated multinational company, created to provide net zero-emission urban mass transit solutions for emerging nations. The company offers a complete eco solution of battery electric vehicles (“BEV”), financing, charging stations, renewable energy charging sources, and maintenance while leveraging an unparalleled cost advantage and superior business model. 

As CAUSIS experiences rapid growth, it is raising capital to build infrastructure and fund order fulfilment to emerge as the global leader in the zero-emission electric bus sector over the next twelve months and beyond.

A multinational organisation backed by the US fund with operations and presence across the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Asia Pacific. 


About World Fund

World Fund is the largest European-focused climate venture capital fund established by Daria Saharova, Danijel Visevic, Craig Douglas, and Tim Schumacher. From energy, food, agriculture, and land use, to building materials, manufacturing and transport, World Fund is investing in European climate tech with a climate performance potential (CPP) of at least 100Mt CO2e emission savings per year. Because we need to decarbonise our economy, startups with such CPP will be among the most valuable companies of the next decade.

About Ecosia

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Ecosia is the world’s largest not-for-profit search engine. It has planted more than 120 million trees across 26 countries worldwide. In 2014 Ecosia was accredited as a B Corporation and in 2017 it built the first of its four solar plants to ensure it is 100% renewable, reaching 200% renewable in July 2020. In 2018 Ecosia gave away its shares to the Purpose Foundation, to assure that it can never be sold and that no one, including the founder, can profit or receive dividends from the company. Ecosia was founded by Christian Kroll in 2009. 


To enquire about sponsorship opportunities at upcoming CTI events, please contact Anton Paul - antonpaul@campdenwealth.com


Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne

Set in the heart of Lausanne, originally built in 1909 and painstakingly restored to its pristine beauty this The Royal Savoy Hotel is now a landmark representing luxury and style complemented by an elegant yet contemporary design. Located adjacent to the majestic Lake Geneva and one hour from Geneva airport this hotel is ideal for visitors who appreciate culture, heritage and history, whilst enjoying up to date modern facilities of a first class hotel.

Avenue d'Ouchy 40 (Entry of the hotel: Avenue de Cour)
1006 Lausanne
Telephone: +41 21 614 88 88
Telefax: +41 21 614 88 78
E-mail: info@royalsavoy.ch
Web: http://www.royalsavoy.ch/en


Additional Hotels

There are numerous hotels close by ranging from 3* to 5*.  If you wish to stay off-site, we would suggest any of the following:

Hotel in Lausanne



Carlton Lausanne Boutique Hotel
4 Star Hotel

Approx. CHF 210 p/night

1 min walk from venue

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Alpha-Palmiers Hotel by Fassbind
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Hotel Victoria
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ibis Styles Lausanne Center Mad House
3 Star Hotel

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17 min walk from venue

Prices taken from April 2022. Prices may change closer to time of event.



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